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What is Cordless Sawzall and how to use it

Posted by Morfin on April 29 2020, 15:36pm

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Are you tired of your traditional cutting tool? Then it is high time, and you should replace it with an outstanding cutting tool like Cordless Sawzall. This saw will provide you with the ultimate experience of professional cutting. As it does not require any extra wire, you can easily carry it anywhere. For getting the hassle-free cutting experience with this versatile tool, we are here to provide you with the complete handbook for it.

What is Cordless Sawzall?

This type of Sawzall is a powerful tool to do demolition and remodelling. It is easy to handle and operate. Moreover, it comes with high adjustability, flexibility, and portability to enhance your sawing experience. Through this fantastic cutting device, you can cut almost everything you want.

Why would you like a Sawzall without a cord?

As this saw need not any cord for generating power, it is convenient and portable to use. So, you can easily use it for your garden or any outdoor projects. All you need to do is that recharging the battery of the saw.  On the other hand, the traditional electric saws come with large wire, which makes workplace clumsier.

So, if you want to do your cutting job freely and comfortably, then cordless saws will be an amazing choice.  

How to use Cordless Sawzall?

Step-1 Inserting the Blade

The first step is selecting the appropriate blade according to your cutting material. Then simply insert the blade into the blade slot firmly.

Step-2 Charging the Tool

As this saw operates with battery power, you have to keep it on charge before using it. Different brands need different periods to get fully charged. So, all you need to do is that, charging the tool before using it to get unstoppable cutting. Try to arrange and charge the battery in a safe area

Step-3 Making the Cut

For any sort of precise cut, you need to press the cutting blade against the object straightly. Sometimes, you may need different angle cuts. In that case, slow down the speed of the blade. When you are done with the cutting, pause the machine by pressing the side button.

What Are The Safety Tips You Should Follow?

  • Don’t use it while charging.
  • No matter what you are cutting, you always should wear safety glasses.
  • Consult with saw experts before using if there are any problems to operate the saw
  • Try to hold firmly with your two hands, so it doesn’t give you backpressure.
  • Be careful about cutting walls and floors because it may cut the pipes or electric wires. 
  • As the blade becomes so hot after cutting for a few seconds, try to avoid touching it.
  • Don’t change the blade when it is kept in charge.

Buying Guide for Sawzall

There are several issues that you need to keep in mind while purchasing the Sawzall. So, you may consider a glance on the following guideline,

Size And Weight

You have to carry and hold the Sawzall for plenty of times, so weight and size are significant concerns. The lightweight and small-sized saws are overrated among the buyers. However, many claim that the heavyweight saws are comparatively powerful.

So, if you have a fixed workshop, then you can go for the heavy one. On the contrary, if you have temporary projects, then lightweight might be a great option.


As it is the cutting device, the blade is one of the essential factors to worry. Therefore, the capacity of the saw depends on its blade. So, you have to go for a durable and sharp one to get your job done quickly.


As the cordless saws run only with batteries, it is the most crucial fact to care about. You don’t want the unwanted pauses in the middle of your cutting. So, the battery should be powerful enough to provide the full capacity for an extended period. There are various companies out there, are offering a long battery life with additional batteries as well.


How quickly, sharply and accurately you can cut, all these depend on the power. If you want quicker and precise cutting to proper control of the motor, then you need to select the brand with the fastest capacity.

We would like to recommend you to go for the 10- ampere motor, which can provide 2700-3000 SPM.


We all are busy bee in life. So sometimes it becomes challenging to manage both time and money to run after handymen. So, when you purchase any equipment, you must ensure the maximum quality of that tool. In this case, Cordless Sawzall is that type of cutting tool that will provide you with the ultimate professional cut with outstanding portability without any professional handymen.

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